Team Bizpiration

Fred van Hooydonk
NLP coach

Tineke Mastenbroek
Adviseur/ Mystery Guest
Medisch Analist

Christel de Vletter
Adviseur/ business coach
Interim management

What Bizpiration can mean for you

People who feel motivated, perform the best. They feel inspired and are more effective in their work. Bizpiration brings inspiration to your business. With an open mind and clear vision, we look at the key priorities in your organisation in a target-oriented and problem-solving manner.

What sets us apart from others is that we complete all the steps in the process together with you. We challenge you and stay persistent until we reach a powerful solution – together. Our approach is also very flexible.

The name ‘Bizpiration’ sets the scene for what we do. Business: strategic planning with a result-oriented attitude. Personal: coaching based on commitment, competencies and personal challenges. Good management leads to satisfaction among customers and employees. Success lies in picking up small signals, communicating effectively and especially TAKING ACTION.

Bizpiration helps you achieve success through providing:

  1. Advice
    • For strategic choices
    • For marketing activities
    • For organisational change
  2. Coaching
    • Personal coaching
    • Business coaching
    • Team coaching
  3. Process support
    • Strengthening leadership through personal coaching and management team support
    • Modernising organisation and business processes
  4. Mediation
    • Conflict resolution between business owner and employee
    • Conflict resolution within the management team
    • Mediation in partnerships with other companies


Working from your heart

Bizpiration focuses on addressing the problem within the organisation and creating new solutions. Thinking out of the box, without limitations. A fresh viewpoint that inspires and activates. Business management solutions that work because we work with people, mindful of their individual qualities and strengths. Doing what is right for you, because this makes you feel better in your own skin and as part of a team, it also makes you more effective.

The goal: measurably higher operating profits and improved performance.
The method: joint activities based on management science theory, behaviour management skills, working from your heart and developing these components into practical solutions.

Bizpiration has developed its own highly effective coaching product.

The right professional team for each issue

Bizpiration has a network of professionals at every level to form a team that provides the right chemistry to resolve the problem. Powerful and result-oriented. Bizpiration also offers effective solutions in professional fields beyond its main focus, such as legal advice, recruitment and selection, insurance and ICT. It engages the professionals and specialists that fit in with your organisation and the challenge at hand.

Core values and code of conduct

  • Effective with passion for the job
  • Perseverance within the challenge
  • Achieving a breakthrough
  • Versatility in every sector
  • Daring to be different
  • Realising a genuine sense of connection between people
  • The match between leadership and friendship
  • Authentic and autonomous

We perform with a higher achievement above expectation. The activation takes place through communication technique and behavioral technique. We are focussed on the highest achievement for our client, combining innovation management with applied psychology.


About Christel

The founder and driving force behind Bizpiration is Christel de Vletter. Christel graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam. In her post graduate-studies at the Rotterdam School of Management, she majored in Technology and Innovation Management and minored in entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship and international human resource management. She has developed her own management method for company analysis with a priority system for SMEs as well as a coaching method.

Since 2002, Christel has worked as a consultant for the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. Her work has included management, coaching and advisory processes for business owners in the wholesale trade, construction, transport, industry and health care. She obtained her professional experience at the Syntens innovation network for business owners, Elan Strategie & Creatie and 2K kennis en kunde.

She has also followed various programmes and training courses: Rational Emotive Training (RET, A. Ellis) by Lagerwerf and partners, Core Reflection (IML) by Angelo Vasalos, Krauthammer International sales training, Doing business electronically by Empuls advisory group and Advisory Skills by Kernconsult.

Accreditation for the KOAN PI and PMI by Alert Management Consultants, Belgium.